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Professional Fan - Ostrich Wings

Custom make your own feather fan from start to finish. Have us make it for you or simply select a kit for you to make at home.Designing a fan has never been so easy.


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  • £269.00

    Professional Ostrich Wing Feather Fan Approx 48" x 28" - Double Layer   Built using ostrich wing feathers If you are unsure before purchasing, please contact me at PRODUCTION is currently approx 3-4 weeks 

    Product available with different options
  • £399.00

    The 'Gwendoline Lamour' FanApprox 50+ inches span & 30 inches tallOur largest and fluffiest feathers are used to create our most luxurious fans! If you are unsure before purchasing, email   PRODUCTION is currently approx 4 weeks 

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  • £580.00

    Bulk Ostrich Feathers - Wedding & Events - 20 inches - 20 + Colours Please select colour and then choose quantity - Sold per KG (approx 140 per 1kg) New colour card using ostrich sample so colour match is almost identical Please allow approx. 3 weeks for delivery on these feathers. For further information or any specific requirements please contact...

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  • £139.99

    Ostrich spad feathers 18-24 inches  Brand new Colours available to order now!  Please allow approx 3 weeks for delivery.

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  • £200.00

    One off sale!! Emerald Green Double Layer Professional Wing Fans  PAIR Approx 48 inches span Email for more info!        

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  • £189.00

    Orange Wing Fans - Selling at the price of our Sally Rand Spad Fans! Beautiful colour!!

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items