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Luxury Feather Boa's

Our feather boas are available in a variety of styles and plumes including guinea plumage, nagorie, coque, peacock, turkey, ostrich, swan, turkey with ostrich, turkey two-tone, marabou and chandelle. Whether you already know what you want or wish to choose among several varieties, you can find detailed information about each feather boa when you click on the “more info” tab.Please note - All our luxury boa's are made by hand in the UK. Please allow 2 weeks for to prepare your order.


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  • £55.00

    Ostrich Feather Boa - 4-ply - Approx 70" / 1.8m Ostrich feather boa, 4-ply, available in a variety of different colours. Approx 70" / 1.8m in length and 4-5" / 10-12cm in width.For all enquiries, please contact  

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item